Vaccum seed meter


Selenium is the vacuum seed meter from J.Assy. The meter was designed in a way that is easy to handle and maintains high levels of singulation performance.


  • Robust - designed and tested to hold up to tough field conditions for years of service providing high quality singulation and seed spacing
  • No meter adjustments required
  • Practical: Only one kit required per crop type consisting of one seed disk, singulator and debris ejector, for quick and easy changeover
  • Exclusive seed disc window allows you to see it running in real time to get a "visual" performance check
  • High performance in corn planting.
  • Industry leading high precision soybean planting

Install the sensors quickly and conveniently

VISUM Fertilizer

First wireless flow monitor.
No battery replacement.
No maintenance required.

Keep track through the monitor:

VISUM Monitor

Displays up to 99 lines.
It allows simultaneous monitoring
of Strip-Till Fertilizer.